Honest Man's



This piece of modern day literature encompasses many aspects of every day life. If you are

searching for a romance novel overlapping a dystopian thriller, you have found it.

Whether you are liberal, conservative, moderate or abstain from 'the politics'

altogether, Honest Man's Freedom will scratch your reading itch.

Plikasho Deka (reviewer for readersfavorite.com) claims "DM Caviness

tells a gripping tale of a man whose life is ruined by an authoritarian regime that

rules the United States in a fictional dystopian world. As States all over the world

continue to infringe upon the privacy of their citizens due to the unrestrained usage

 of technology in a modern era, Honest Man's Freedom is a grim reminder

 of what happens when government controls every single

 aspect of their citizen's lives. The plot moves at a blistering pace,

 with a tight narrative that leaves no room for wasted space. The characters

play their roles perfectly to move the plot forward and add to the themes that

the narrative explores." Honest Man's Freedom touches on taboos of cultivating and

sustaining a workplace relationship. The main character, Thomas Kadtz, is a thriving

workaholic who finds love with his secretary. Along with political satire, the novel touches on

simple physics, basic computer science, and the dangers of agreeing to outcomes that bring

forth unknown circumstance. After reading the book, everyone will want to explore all

outcomes before they make another personal decision. If you are the type of

reader who enjoys, irony, suspense, and love but hate a government structured by tyrants,

You will love, Honest Man's Freedom!

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